# 🎧 Interpreters

  1. What is Akkadu?
  2. Why interpreters ❤️ Akkadu?
  3. Tutorials

# What is Akkadu Player?

Akkadu Player is a video player organizations can embed on their website to live stream content in multiple languages including:

  • Interpretation*
  • Interpretation + AI Recognized Subtitles
  • Interpretation + Human Live Subtitles
  • AI Translated Subtitles

*:The interpretation is provided by professional interpreters. Organizations can use their own interpreters.

# Why interpreters like Akkadu?

Akkadu is a very easy-to-use web platform containing all the necessary features to properly do remote simultaneous interpretation. For instance, it allows interpreters to:

  • Use relay language
  • Listen to the partner, floor and relay language at the same time
  • Privately chat with the booth partner
  • Privately chat with the tech support
  • And much more!

# Tutorials

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